Harry Balazs (Anteros) - Interview

Dude, how’s life? We first met when an artist I was playing for opened for your band. We’ve kept in touch since and I’ve teched for you a few times but how much are you missing touring?

I’m great thanks mate how are you? I’m missing being able to go anywhere at the moment, touring sounds like a distant memory haha!

When did you start drumming ? How did you discover drumming?

I started when I was Seven with my friend, we had a family friend who was in a function band so we would naturally just nick any of the equipment that we could and make a racket, haha.

Let’s talk a bit about your projects. Who are you currently working with? Who have you worked with in the past?

Currently not working on much, my most recent project Anteros is obviously not touring at the moment, before that band I’ve worked with a variety of artists, mainly pop but have done some country and a little bit of rap too.

How are you keeping yourself busy during these strange times?

I started as a Volunteer with the London Ambulance Service just before Christmas and since Covid-19 I have actually been doing pretty much full time hours with them, helping out in Ambulances.,

Finally, can you share a quick tip or give us a small exercise you always use?

I find it fun to just do a Single 5 Stroke Roll for a good few minutes solidly and focus on how even both hands are and then do this again at different speeds and different volumes.

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