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A quickbooks invoice will be sent to the email address provided at registration at the beginning of each half term. Please make sure this email address is current and checked regularly as any important information in regards to Drum Lessons will be sent to this address. If payment is not made before Week 2 of the term then your child will not be allowed to take part in any further lessons until the invoice is paid. You will still be expected to pay for missed lessons if the invoice continues to not be paid. Drum Lessons are currently priced at £8.50 per week for 1 (one) x 20 (twenty) minute small group lesson. Where possible these groups will be kept as small numbers but due to demand this isn't always possible. Please note an invoice is issued at the beginning of each half term for the entire half term. 



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Discover your potential behind the Kit! Whether you want to rock out like Ringo or keep it cool like Collins. Rockin' Robins offer a drum tuition service like no other!


Content from the World's Biggest Drummers! 

Rockin' Robins plus+ is an online immersive platform where Drummers from around the World can learn and watch/listen to the World’s biggest Drummers as they share tips and techniques completely FREE of charge. 


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