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Rockin’ Robins Drum Services is pleased to present DRUM FEST. Taking place at Dubrek Studios on Monday 7th August, DRUM FEST will give all participants a hands on experience like never before!


The day starts at 10AM when all Drummers will arrive for registration. They will then take part in various workshops hosted by Rockin' Robins Drum Services staff before breaking for drummers to eat their packed lunch. 


We are please to announce this years special guest, Charlie Harman.


After lunch, Drummers will get a close up masterclass with Charlie Harman as well the opportunity to connect with other drummers and record a song together to take home.

Our Summer School is open to young people aged between school Years 7 and 11 and our workshops have been tailored to suit all skill levels. No previous experience is required but an interest in drums is advised.  PLEASE NOTE this includes young people who are leaving Year 11, this academic year. 

More information can be found on the DRUM FEST poster or in the FAQ's!



  • Where is Rockin' Robins Drum Services DRUM FEST & Summer School taking place?
    This year DRUM FEST and Summer School are taking place in different locations. Dubrek Studios will play host to our DRUM FEST. Taking place in the Studio space and Venue. Landau Forte will play host to our Summer School. Taking place in the theatre and class rooms on campus. The area(s) used at Dubrek Studios and Landau Forte will be secure and only accessible by Rockin' Robins Drum Services Staff, Students and Event/Security Personnel provided by Landau Forte/Dubrek Studios. Rockin' Robins Drum Services has all the relevant safeguarding policies and procedures in place to make the event as safe as possible for all participants.
  • Event Timings
    DRUM FEST Monday 7th August 2023 10AM - 3PM Summer School Tuesday 8th August 2023 10AM - 3PM Wednesday 9th August 2023 10AM - 3PM Thursday 10th August 2023 10AM - 3PM Performance Thursday10th August 2023 Doors - 6:00PM Show Start- 6:30PM
  • My child has never played Drums before, can they still take part?"
    DRUM FEST is open to young people between school years 7 and 11*. Summer School is open to young people between school years 1 and 6** . All workshops have been tailored to suit all abilities including beginners. We do advise an interest in Drums if your child(ren) has no drumming experience. PLEASE NOTE - *This includes children leaving Year 11 this academic year. **This includes children leaving Year 6 this academic year.
  • Does my Child need to bring anything?
    All equipment will be provided for DRUM FEST and Summer School by Rockin' Robins Drum Services. If your Child has their own Drumsticks they may bring them but this isn't compulsory. However, please make sure that all young people attending have with the following: - Packed Lunch per day to be eaten on site. Please note there are no kitchen facilities on site so please provide cold food that is ready to eat. Please also provide your child with plenty of water for the day in a named water bottle. - Suitable Clothing that is practical and your child will be comfortable in. With this event taking place in a school/studio with outdoor space, please make sure your child has enough warm clothing and a coat should a typical British Summer take place! For Summer School, children will be taking part in activities that involve running around. Please make sure they are wearing suitable footwear for this. Please make sure all belongings are named as Rockin' Robins Drum Services are not liable for any personal items that are misplaced or damaged during the event. Medication If your child requires medication whilst at DRUM FEST/Summer School please ensure this is passed over to a Rockin' Robins Drum Services staff member at the start of the day in a named plastic container with dosage requirements. Please note, additional paperwork will be required upon arrival.
  • Getting To The Venue
    DRUM FEST Dubrek Studios* 67 Bridge Street Derby Derbyshire DE1 3LB Summer School Landau Forte School** Fox Street Derby DE1 2LF *There is pay and parking available at the front of the venue, as well as ample on street pay and display parking. Dubrek Studios is situated is located directly between Princess Alice Court and Banks Mill Studios. ** There is a free car park available outside the school building for visitors to use. PLEASE NOTE - ROCKIN' ROBINS DRUM SERVICES WILL NOT BE LIABLE OR HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYBODY INCURRING A PARKING TICKET DURING THE EVENT PERIOD.
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