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From touring to servicing, our love for Drums is displayed in all our work. Whether you have a particular Snare or Kit that needs some lovin', or you just want your Drums to sound and look great on stage. Vintage or brand spanking new, we take your cherished tubs and give them the attention they deserve so you can fall in love with them all over again!


Touring Services

Being on tour or in a studio can often leave little time for taking care of your Drums. With our 10+ Years Industry Experience and 5+ Years Music Retail experience, not only do we have the knowledge to take care of your equipment but the relationships with Industry Professionals to make sure your set up is the best it can be regardless of where you are. 

Like most tours or studio sessions, there will be specific requirements that we are happy to discuss. Get in contact today to find out how we can help.


Drum Servicing @ The Nest

When we aren't on the road, we love to repair and restore Drums. Whether it's a vintage kit that needs a full restoration or new Snare that you need to get gig ready we are happy to help. 


If you have a Snare/Kit/Cymbal/Hardware that needs some TLC then this can be dropped at The Nest and then collected within an agreed timeframe.  

DRUM! Clients-2.png
DRUM! Clients-2.png



Give your kit the love it deserves! Snare or Kit, Cymbals or Hardware, We do it all. Get in contact today, we'd love to chat.


Content from the World's Biggest Drummers! 

Rockin' Robins plus+ is an online immersive platform where Drummers from around the World can learn and watch/listen to the World’s biggest Drummers as they share tips and techniques completely FREE of charge. 


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