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Job: Drum Teacher
Company: Rockin' Robins Drum Services
Location: Various (On The Road)

Job Type: Part Time (With a potential for Full Time)

About Rockin' Robin's Drum Services:

Rockin' Robin's Drum Services offers a Drum Tuition Service like no other. Our program is uniquely tailored to complete beginners, providing them with an insight into the Music Industry while learning to play. We believe in combining fun tasks with tuition to create an engaging and rewarding learning experience. At Rockin' Robins Drum Services, we're dedicated to raising the Drummers of the future, nurturing their talents and guiding them on their musical journey. We proudly teach in a multitude of educational settings around the Midlands, reaching students wherever they are and igniting their passion for drumming.


Position Overview

Rockin' Robin's Drum Services is seeking a passionate and skilled Drum Teacher to join our team. The ideal candidate will be an experienced drummer with a strong musical background and a genuine desire to share their knowledge and expertise with students of all ages and skill levels. The Drum Teacher will be responsible for delivering high-quality drum lessons, inspiring and motivating students to achieve their musical goals, and contributing to the vibrant musical community at Rockin' Robin's Drum Services.



  • Conduct 1-1 or small group drum lessons for students of all ages and skill levels.

  • Develop personalised lesson plans tailored to each student's goals, interests, and learning pace.

  • Teach fundamental drumming techniques, including rudiments, coordination, timing, and dynamics.

  • Keep detailed notes that monitor each students lesson and their progress. 

  • Introduce students to various musical styles, genres, and repertoire, such as rock, jazz, funk, and more.

  • Encourage a supportive learning environment that motivates students to excel and express themselves creatively.

  • Provide constructive feedback, guidance, and encouragement to help students overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

  • Prepare students for performances, recitals, auditions, and examinations as needed.

  • Stay current with trends and developments in drumming education and continuously seek opportunities for professional growth and development.

  • Collaborate with other instructors and staff to promote a cohesive and enriching musical experience for students.

  • Uphold the values and standards of Rockin' Robin's Drum Services, including professionalism, integrity, and a passion for music education.



  • Proficiency in drumming with a strong command of various styles, techniques, and musical concepts.

  • Previous experience teaching drum lessons to students of diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage and inspire students effectively.

  • Patient, encouraging, and supportive attitude towards teaching and mentoring students.

  • Strong organisational skills and the ability to develop structured lesson plans and curriculum.

  • Reliable and punctual, with a commitment to maintaining a consistent teaching schedule.

  • Bachelor's degree in music, education, or related field preferred (but not required).

  • Due to this post having access to children and/or vulnerable adults, the successful candidate will be required to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service check. The possession of a criminal record will not necessarily prevent an applicant from obtaining this post, as all cases are judged individually according to the nature of the role and information provided.

  • Must have full use of own vehicle.



  • ​Competitive pay based on experience.

  • Opportunities for professional growth within Rockin’ Robins Drum Services.

  • Opportunities to take on extra paid work as a musician.

  • Access to a supportive musical community.

  • Flexible scheduling options.


How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume, cover letter, and any relevant materials (such as performance recordings or teaching samples) to Please include "Drum Teacher Application" in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!

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