Drew Michael (Sam Fender) - Interview

Drew, how’s it going man? We have been in the same room or on the same festival bill a few times now but never managed to meet up. How’s life?

Hey Ben, I’m not bad mate thanks for asking! Just trying to get used to the normal of staying in one place, haha.

When did you start drumming ? How did you discover drumming?

I’ve always had an interest in drumming at a young age, my Dad is a drummer and he was always gigging when I was growing up but I didn’t properly sit down at a kit until I was about 13.

How are you keeping yourself busy during these strange times?

I have a little studio set up so I’m creating at home. I’m currently looking through old compositions that I never got around to finishing from years ago. It’s nothing serious, more therapeutic if anything. I’ve started uploading instrumental tracks to my SoundCloud under ‘Lucid Soundscape’

Let’s talk a bit about your projects. Who are you currently working with? Who have you worked with in the past?

I’ve been playing drums for Sam Fender since 2017. Touring and in the studio. Sam asked me to join when he got a band together and it took off from there. We’ve been pretty much all over the world gigging. It’s been incredible so far.

Previous bands that I’ve played in before Sam include

Freedumb 32, Pranxter, Kings And Castles, Static Line Parachute, Monroe, ALXNDR and Sick Joy.

What gear are you using on the Sam Fender gig?

Yeah sure! On the Sam gig, I am using the following:

Tama Star Walnut Kit in the following sizes:

Bass Drum: 22"

Rack Tom: 13"

Floor Toms: 15"&16"

Snare Drum: 14" SLP Snare

Cymbals: A and K Zildjians

Hardware: Tama Hardware

Sticks: Vater Drum Sticks

Finally, can you share a quick tip or give us a small exercise you always use?

I usually warm up 40 mins on a pad before going on stage. Quite basic, singles & doubles with a metronome at different tempos. Always works for me.

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