Petar Janjic (Cory Wong) - Interview

Petar! How you doing bro? You're the sticksman with Cory Wong, can you tell us a little bit about that gig and how it came about? I’ve seen you in the UK a few times it’s one hell of a show. Where do you find all that energy? It seems like quite an intense gig!

Thank you bro for coming out to the shows, that really was a fun tour. For sure one of my favourite runs. I've known and have been playing with Cory since 2010. We met in College and have been through all sorts of gigs together. In 2017 he asked me to record some tunes for him which I didn't even know was for his first album haha. Since that I've just been a member of the Cory Wong project.

Let’s talk a bit about your projects. Alongside Cory, who are you currently touring with? Who have you worked with in the past?

As of now as you know as well, there is not much touring happening. But before the pandemic hit, I was on the road with a singer/songwriter Scott Mulvahill. In general I am freelancer so whoever calls first kind of deal. But past groups and artists ive worked with: Cory Wong, Dave Koz, Alex Rossi, FDeluxe. (aka The Family) really cool project called LP Music, Nachito Herrera, Dynamo and many more....

Do you use any electronics/software or backing tracks in any of your gigs?

I do possess and own electronics but have not been required yet to use them. I run Abelton Live for my click that I also send to the band but thats about it.

What’s your favourite piece of gear you own?

One of my favorite drums that I own is 14x5,5 all Maple Antiko Snare Drum, it's just so warm and the tone of it is so big and deep.

You recently joined the Meinl Family I hear? Which of those tasty cymbals are you using at the moment? In particular, I’ve noticed sometimes you have what looks like a Stack to your left. What’s that made up of? Also, you use cloths on your cymbals, is that a form of dampening you use?

Ohhh Yes love the Meinl fam and staff its now been a year since I made the switch. My go to favourite cymbal is a (22'' or 20") Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride, Crash wise, a personal favourite the 20" Byzance Dark Crash and other sizes as well. As my main Hi Hat, I love the 13" serpent Hats, and as an aux I use the 15" extra dry medium thin Byzance Hats. If we are doing one off shows instead of the auxiliary Hi Hat i would use a Stack Cymbal, personal preferences are 16" classic custom dark trash Stack or the 18" fat Stack. Ahaha yes, I do tend to put some handmade dampening towels on some of the cymbals it really helps with the control of the Cymbals sustain and volume without affecting the tone and sound of it.

Whilst we’re on the subject of gear, you use Risen Drums right? For those who might not of heard about those dreamy tubs. Can you explain a little bit about the Company and what your set up is?

Yes, I think it is safe to say that I am an official Risen Drums artist. It's a custom Drum shop based in Minneapolis MN. They are incredible the fact that you can build and customize your kit to any size you would like is INSANIA. I have something special cooking with the guys over there so be on the look out. So basically, the past 2 tours I've used a custom blue sparkle maple risen drum set: Kick 22x9 10x6 12x6 and16x9 toms.

How are you keeping yourself busy during these strange times?

Definitely things slowed down in the beginning of the pandemic, it was kind of nice for a minute since I was out on the 3/4 month run with Cory and came back immediately and jumped in with Scott. But after a month as everyone else I was losing it. Soon after that things started to pick up again, I've recorded 4 albums for Cory and also tracked a bunch of music for other artists. Extremely lucky and grateful to having a home studio. Actually just finished tracking a record for Dave Koz, first out of town session, things are slowly getting back to normal.

I saw on the last Cory Wong Tour you had a Snare in the Tom position. You then switched between using it as a Snare and a Tom. It sounded dope! Is there any particular reasoning behind this?

In some situations, I don't use rack Toms at all. What I would do is grab a deeper snare drum 5,5 or deeper tune it low and grab a RootsEQ another great company that makes dampeners for drums, and with the Snares off it would be my rack Tom. That way i can go between a big beefy Snare to a Rack Tom.

Finally, can you share a quick tip or give us a small exercise you always use?

Ohhhh I am not a super big exercise guy, mostly I do the basics paradiddles, doubles, single strokes.... But my main thing is I love to play along with tracks. Pick your favorite album and learn it and after that try to grab an album a week and go through it.

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